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Re: [IP] Cozmo Issues

Dear Brinna's Mom,
  Sorry about all the problems you are having with the Cozmo.  Perhaps part of 
the problem lies in the fact that you have two different insurance companies.  
First of all if I heard a pump company was not shipping my pump because of a 
malfunction they have found in other pumps until it was corrected I would be 
very happy to hear that.  I have been on this list for almost 3 years now and 
have never heard of a pump company doing this but I respect Deltec for doing 
this.   I know the problem with the D-tron the reason it is being recalled was 
reported on here at least a year maybe even more ago.  Deltec has been in the 
medical supply business for a long time and I do believe they are a good 
company, actully they proved it to me by doing what they are doing right now.  
Sorry to be so long winded but just stating my views.

Wendy, curley blue, mm508, larry the lancer, and moe the meter.
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