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[IP] Re: gifts for eyeologists - was: Hospital stays

>>>He GETS it....it was so cool to be his patient...i brought him chocolate
chip cookies a few weeks later...a bouquet on the next visit...>>>

I took my vitreologist/retinologist a shower curtain on my follow-up visit
for my vitrectomy. Now, I'll bet you'll want me to explain that one! lol

Our local Waccamaw was downsizing and getting rid of a lot of merchandise.
On the 75% off table was this shower curtain that was crystal clear, but
with a HUGE (not HUGH - that's a name, not a size) eye chart on it. I *had*
to give it to him. He opened it while I was there (150 miles away) and they
laughed and laughed and hung it on the wall of the room where they do the
fluorescein scans. They said it was for their very nearsighted patients. The
E was at least a foot tall.

If you ever go to Dr. Hrisomalos' office at 9002 N. Meridian in Indy, tell
them you know *the shower-curtain lady* and want to see it. ;-) I told him I
didn't want him to ever forget me. He said, "I'll never forget *you*." ;-)

>>so as long as we are on the subject of BACK UP PLANS....does anyone have
in case they blow the country up and  communications are down and shipping
out of the question?>>

My back-up plan was put in place just a few months before I was 6 years old,
but that's for another list.

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If carrots are so good for the eyes, how come I see so many dead rabbits on
the highway?

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