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Re: [IP] Re:IP] Airports

> Excep that it is important if you are taking mre than one flight that you
> insulin not be damaged by the x-ray machines. The heat from these will
> your insulin to lose strength. I was told this by the manufacturer (Lilly)

Ah, but did you read SSP's idea?  Carry the insulin in your pocket and walk
through.  There's no way the insulin would have time to fry unless you
decided to reside there.

That said, however, I never knew about that concern, and have flown many
flights with lay overs, always sending my insulin through the scanners, and
never had any problem at all.  Lucky I guess.

When I was on my 504, it always set off the alarms when I walked through.  I
had to volunteer to be patted down.  It is simply WONDERFUL to walk through
like an ordinary human being.  I relish not having to ask for special
treatment, which is more hassle than it's worth.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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