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Re: [IP] 4th amendment violation AKA airport screening....

> ANYWAY, the number one thing is:  don't ask, don't tell.  There is NOTHING
> that says you must volunteer information about diabetes.  If anything, it
> will hold you up on the other side as they check for your prescriptions
> go through your supplies...yawn...I have breezed by others doing that....

Hear, hear!!  And I thought I was the only one recommending this policy.
Listen, folks, this is THE way to fly!  And I like the pocket idea for the
insulin.  That way it doesn't get fried in the X-ray machine, but you don't
have to draw attention to yourself doing it.

IF anybody asks (and that'll be the day), I can pull the insulin out of my
pocket and confirm that I do, indeed, have the right to carry my sharps.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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