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[IP] hospital stays

sarah jones wrote a while ago about possible hospitalization and then said 
she didn't need to, but I am writing anyway cuz it is something Near and Dear 
to me....

I have had two vitrectomies, a cataract surgery and a laparotomy to remove 
the alien  from my appendix and all 4 of them were done ON the pump.  The 
first three I had to hurt lots of feelings to keep it, but I did and managed 
to have excellent blood sugars...The appendix episode is chronicled in the 
archives of February 1998, entitled Hospital 101....the most recent 
vitrectomy was a piece of cake compared to the others...not only was my eye 
doctor as close to god as i will ever see, but his anesthesia person was lt. 
god who understood completely about the pump (he is a RETINA specialist for 
chrysakes.....he operates on diabetic EYES all the time.....he used drugs (i 
recommend versid) to knock DIABETICS out (mainly so they don't kick him in 
the shin when he pokes that big scalpel in)....He GETS it....it was so cool 
to be his patient...i brought him chocolate chip cookies a few weeks 
later...a bouquet on the next visit...

basically, as long as you are not unconscious, you SHOULD be able to bully 
your way into keeping your pump.  Insist that your endo be called, no matter 
what time of day, or what state you are in (i mean geographic state...not 
mental)...and I tell ya....emergency hospitalizations are the reason i 
"ought" to think more carefully about carrying my back up stash....you get 
there with just one bottle of test strips ... I just happened to have a 50 
count jar of dex tabs with me, so other than the EXCRUCIATING pain I had in 
my stomach, I was ok to sit in ER 14 hours before they finally decided they 
didn't know what was wrong and that I REALLY REALLY wasn't pregnant, so they 
admitted me...egad....

so as long as we are on the subject of BACK UP PLANS....does anyone have one 
in case they blow the country up and  communications are down and shipping is 
out of the question?

SSPAZ who is up much too late worrying about things she can't control.....
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