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[IP] 4th amendment violation AKA airport screening....

at least it OUGHT to be considered a violation......

So i am catching up on IP after having been on the road for 6 weeks...10 
flights so far this year, added to the 30 last year...i have had me some BIG 
fun...my favorite one is when they ask "do you mind if we search you?" to 
which I always reply YES....of course I MIND...I would be RUSSIAN if I didn't 
mind having my personal property PAWED through and my body violated!!  
(hehehhehehe - i always giggle when she asks if this is an underwire, as she 
feel me up....make 'em think I LIKE it...tee hee).  The lady checking tickets 
2 weeks ago in dallas asked me if I was traveling with anything sharp.  "Only 
my wit," I replied and walked on by...she is checking for valid tickets for 
god's sake...it is none of her business what I am traveling with - was she 
gonna get out of line and hold up all those other people and "report" me to 
the xray guys for having needles?  Puh leeeze you do YOUR job honey, and let 
the screeners do theirs...

ANYWAY, the number one thing is:  don't ask, don't tell.  There is NOTHING 
that says you must volunteer information about diabetes.  If anything, it 
will hold you up on the other side as they check for your prescriptions and 
go through your supplies...yawn...I have breezed by others doing that.... 
Anyway, I just push my pump down into my pocket and slide the insulin in the 
other pocket and walk on through..38 times out of 40 (in the last year and a 
half), I have just gone to the end of the scanner and picked up my 
stuff...shaking my heads as I wonder if I can get through with these big ass 
reservoir needles, what ELSE can get through...I also carry a solid silver 
guardian angel totem in the case with my pump...Is silver not metal?  I 
wonder why the silver, at LEAST, doesn't set off the alarm...but whatever....

I also have started refusing to remove my shoes...such a rebel aren't I?  I 
use the "diabetic card" that i so rarely use..We arent supposed to walk 
barefoot.....I wear rubber shoes, so they don't beep....once i beeped, so 
they made me take them off.  I refused to stand up until they gave me my 
shoes back....Sorry if it was you I held up in line.  I get to the airport 
early just so I can have my fun!!!

as for disconnecting or suspending during flight...I ask you, does someone 
with a PACE maker have to suspend the operation of his LIFE SUSTAING MEDICAL 
EQUIPMENT during take off or landing?  Does everyone wearing a quartz watch 
have to suspend their movements??  Not that suspending would DO anything 
...you'd have to remove the battery to really make it dead...(i am sure wayne 
will correct me on this....maybe it isn't dead yet), but that is just sheer 
ridiculousness (is that a word?) I  ALWAYS put in a temporary basal when I 
fly, I KNOW what my blood sugars do when I am 30,000' above the ground in 
something that is NOT lighter than air and that has the potential to drop 
like a ton of bricks at any moment....and I always START this temp basal as 
we take off, and stop it as we land...I KNOW how my body works and this works 
best for me.  I love it when I am seated next to someone who freaks out about 
me using an "electronic" device...i have been chastised severely by flight 
attendants sitting next to me...but you know me....that blank cutting stare 
reserved for idiots and tax auditiors and continuation of what I was doing 
before I was so RUDELY interrupted....then i might explain....sometimes i 
just let them STEW...it is funner that way...and at least then they won't try 
to chat me up while I am trying to crochet...can you imagine the damage I 
could do with that crochet hook???? Rip someone's brain out through their 

As for an airline "requiring" a prescription for the pump -  that is just 
crap...besides, my minimed says ON IT, "Federal Law restricts this device to 
sale on or by order of a physician"....and i put my insulin in an empty pill 
bottle...Hollywood Heathcare sent me some of the labels they normally put on 
the insulin box, so I could put the insulin in the more sturdy plastic bottle 
(that fits into my pocket better...

Lattany:  This is GREAT...thanks for writing this...i will use it if I ever 
have the need:
> "Lookhere, dude!  I have diabetes.  This thing here is my LIFE SUPPORT!!!  
You can't take it away from me or else I die!!!"  

I will probably change that last line to "You can take it away from me when 
you peel it from my cold dead fingers....."

Sara SP AZ
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