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[IP] sleepless pumper

Ryan wrote:

>it seems that every time I move while sleeping, the pump gets in 
> my way, forcing me to wake up enough to reposition it.  

well i guess you have three choices:

1)  get used to it - i have been pumping 10 years now and can sleep in all 
kinds of positions on the pump...i have woken up with the indentations so far 
into my body i can see the little UP ^ and DOWN v......

2) go back to shots

3) get a S/M lover who will tie you up real tight before you go to sleep, 
thereby preventing you from tossing and turning...eventually you will pass 
out from exhaustion...and there is nothing lile the sleep of exhaustion.....

as an alternative, you might try clipping it to the inside of your sleeve, ir 
you sleep with a tshirt on...even if you are on your stomach or side, if it 
is high enough up on your shoulder, you shouldn't be ON it...

good luck.....

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