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Re: [IP] Cozmo Issues

 I guess that maybe I should have been a lot more specific about my e-mail. I
did a lot of research and decided to wait for the Cozmo pump for my daughter. I
have been in constant contat with Deltec since Octoberand also met with Animas,
I have copies of E-mails that date as far back as Sept 30th to our rep. . I gave
them insurance information, and have had to push and call them continuously. I
have 2 insurance companies, they have both approved our pump. They can look up
our case and it shows approval. Still haven't shipped me one. We still don't
have one. My rep tells me that I was the 2nd person to call her. She has the
state of WA, OR, and North CA.. She has been very apologetic and even has joked
that she would gold plate our pump if she could because of all of the
 My daughter has been very dissappointed. She told me Friday when I told her
that our pump would ship that she would believe it when she sees it. Gues that
she was right. I am glad that they are trying to fix the problems, but we really
want to start the pump.
Amy mom to Brianna 13 dx'd 4-02
 Lattany <email @ redacted> wrote:

If you are willing to give up the Cozmo that easy, then I guess you could
go for it if you're that anxious. I know alot of people did a whole lot of
research, and wouldn't dare settle for another pump then what they felt was
perfect for them. I guess as always, YMMV. -Lindsay, 14 (Lattany's
Daughter dominating her e-mail account)

> OK, So I am getting REALLY frustrated with Deltec right now. I have been
> to get my daughter a Cozmo for quite awhile, we have it approved now by
> insurance companies. I was told Friday that they would ship it on Monday.
> I find out that they had to delay shipping because of an operational
> with the pump and they are not shipping any pumps until the problem is
> I asked and they said it is not the backup light problem, it is a
> problem, They estimate about 2 weeks. I am just about ready to give up and
> Animas. I first contacted a Deltec rep on September 30th.
> I was really wanting to get the pump before spring break as this is our
> pump and it would have been nice for her to not have to go to school while
> figure this out. John, we can really sympathize with you!!
> Amy mom to Brianna 13, dx'd 4-02
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