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Re: [IP] Way off topic!

> What;s this about the bra? I must have missed that one, or two,,,ha,ha.
> Eileen...:-)

This all started when people were talking about where they wear their pumps.
A few of the ladies mentioned that they wear them in their bras.

Being the certified goof ball that I am, I mentioned I was on my way to
Victoria's Secrets.

Gail has thrown the gauntlet down  (along with other women on  this list)
and have dared me to send in a picture of me with my pump in a bra.

I am now at the point of looking at lingerie and  trying to make a

Of course, right now I have no idea about how to submit a picture to this
list.  So, if Michael tells me how to do this.  Then my last hurdle is
breached and it will be up to me to prove  that I am a goof ball and not a

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