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[IP] Re: College & Diabetes

I can't help responding to this thread. Next year I plan to attend my 
50th college reunion at Swarthmore College. I have been Type 1 since I 
was 10. At Swarthmore the men's dorm had (and still has) six sections, 
and you had to go outside to get from one section to another section. 
Absolutely no refrigerators in the dorm rooms. The only available 
refrigerator was in the infirmary, which was in one of the six sections. 
I lived in that section for one of the four years. That was when we 
survived on one shot of long acting insulin per day, so every morning I 
had to walk to the infirmary to get my insulin, take it back to my room, 
prepare the injection, take it, and then take the insulin back to the 
infirmary. I used a 2cc (because I was taking more than 80 units of U-80 
insulin) glass syringe stored in a B-D metal tube filled with alcohol. 
Blood sugar was a complete unknown, so control was not nearly as tight 
then as it is now, so there wasn't any need to keep food in the 
refrigerator. Sugar cubes and canned fruit juice were used for the 
relatively rare hypos (because usually I was spilling sugar in the 
urine) and for bedtime snacks.

There were no special provisions for exams, and I don't remember ever 
needing food during an exam, except maybe sugar cubes. I had a special 
arrangement with the dining room to get fruit for dessert with lunch and 
supper. The rest of the meals were whatever they were serving (no 
choices). I had to try and estimate food exchanges to somehow match the 
long acting insulin (I think it was Globin, made by Burroughs-Wellcome).

I think things have changed since then! Fortunately.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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