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Re: [IP] Way off topic!

Ha Ha,  You are all so funny,

I already have a fan club (thank you), a Personal appearances list, etc. I
also have a website that gets over 10,000 hits per week.  I'm in a real itty
bitty bikini though. It was before I went on the pump, November last year
was the last shots done, but I am having calendars printed where I actually
keep my pump hooked on my bikini behind me and then have my hand over the
insertion site in some pics and the insertion site under the bikini bottom
in others.  Sometimes I will take it off for 1 minute at the most and then
replace it.  All of my photographers understand and they're really cool
about it.  I will email you my webpage address personally so as not to
offend anyone who may click on it and see me all trying to be sexy, etc.
hee, hee.  No nudity as I prefer the classy look. (well, you'll see.) Okay
enough about me, oh and on my site I have my "old" last name "Brandt" so I
can stay anonyms (only the diabetics know now).

Thanks again,

Eileen Herman
> Chris wrote in response to Eileen:
> >(except be a supermodel - Gail!)
> My pedestal is big enough for two... Welcome Eileen!
> Eileen, if you need the template for the fan club
> membership cards, let me know & I'll send it right
> out.
> Chris - I actually HAVE modeled.  I was about 16.  The
> local newspaper did a feature article on children with
> diabetes.  I still have a copy of the article - with a
> picture of me holding a syringe.  (there's the DM
> content!).
> Oh - and Chris - modeling is in your future too.
> You've promised all of us a photo of you in your new
> bra.
> Hope you're feeling better Chris.
> -gail in denver
> Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.
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