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Re: [IP] too those that find being tethered a problem. (a little encourage ment)

I agree with Leonard.

In my case I started on the pump on February 24th, 2003.  I also am on the
UNOS Pancreas Transplant List.  I also am on a list for a Islet Cell
Transplant.  I am HIGHLY considering calling up and canceling being on the
Pancreas Transplant list as this pump has made my life SO much easier and I
truly appreciate it.  The itty bitty bit of time I spend bolusing, carb
counting, etc. is worth it over and over again.  Also I don't look forward
to being completely cut open, a part of my intestines also replaced and
having to take immunosuppresants for the rest of my life.  I would have to
do that with the Islet cell transplant, but that one would be worth the wait
for.  Just wanted to let you all know how much a pump can mean to a person
who enjoys life even more now.

Eileen Herman
> Your annual contribution will eliminate this header from your IP mail
> i do understand your feelings. i AM tethered to this strange machine too.
> everyone has the right, to their own feelings, and,
> none of those feelings, should in anyway be considered silly, or stupid.
> BUT (ah oh.... here he goes)
> What about looking at all the ADvantages to warring the pump.
> (you know that old song "always look on the bright"..... anyway)
> Maybe i am a bit overly optimistic, but, i look at what the pump has given
> me
> i come from the old days, of mdi, lente, nph, and regular insulin.
> who even knows, what my blood sugars were (we had no blood sugars, when i
> started)
> i had a short experience with the lantus novo/huma log program. it was
> great.
> a vast improvement, compared to the days of chasing this mornings insulin,
> by 12:00.
> I eat what i want (for the most part)
> I eat when i want
> i dont eat, when i dont want to..
> I dont shoot, 3 to 5 times a day
> if im a little high, a correction is just a few button presses away
> i have one little needle, stuck in me, for all of about 3 seconds, every
> days
> (you know, i think, after over 34000 shots, im now a little scared of
> sound almost like a normal person (though, ill never be accused of that)
> I could write for hours, about the lifestyle, and i hope, health
> improvements,
> that the pump has provided.... i DO feel a little stupid, for waiting so
> darn long
> though, i do read a lot of profiles, like
> "im a diabetic for the past 25 years, and have been on the pump, for the
> past 3 months"
> sort of makes me feel, that im not all that alone.
> (and this site, make me realize that, even more)
> im not saying that you should look at the "full part of the glass",
> maybe just suggesting, that you give it a try
> if you feel i rambled too much ........ tuff (i know... dont tell me)
> len phila pa dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (life has always been great, now, its
> just a little better)
> www.lenlutz.com/mydiabetes
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