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Re: [IP] Way off topic!

Gail!  I am just so darned lucky to have you and Eileen as role models for

And, you are gracious to boot!

Me a supermodel?  You are way too kind.  However, I was in Wal-Mart today
and saw two different women return bras that didn't fit.  Don't women try
those things on?  Or does the fit have to do with (obligatory diabetes
reference) a person's blood sugars.

At any rate, it made me think of your dare.  Now, I don't know which
dressing room to go to try one on!!!!!!

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> Chris wrote in response to Eileen:
> >(except be a supermodel - Gail!)
> My pedestal is big enough for two... Welcome Eileen!
> Eileen, if you need the template for the fan club
> membership cards, let me know & I'll send it right
> out.
> Chris - I actually HAVE modeled.  I was about 16.  The
> local newspaper did a feature article on children with
> diabetes.  I still have a copy of the article - with a
> picture of me holding a syringe.  (there's the DM
> content!).
> Oh - and Chris - modeling is in your future too.
> You've promised all of us a photo of you in your new
> bra.
> Hope you're feeling better Chris.
> -gail in denver
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