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[IP] Re:Accomodations for diabetics at college

> <<During my first year my French Literature professor became quite angry 
> when 
> I pulled out a juice box and a granola bar in the middle of our exam.  She 
> took a strip off me telling me ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD WAS ALLOWED in the 
> examination room>>

While I believe most professors are reasonable and accomodating, there will 
always be people such as those described in the above post.  For that reason 
I feel its important for students to have their needs documented.  

My husband is a professor and he gets all sorts of students who require 
special accomodations.  It is all arranged through a special office on 
campus.  Some students require extra time to take exams (for whatever 
reason), some need exams read to them as their verbal skills are stronger 
than their reading skills, etc.  When it goes through the special office, all 
special requests or notifications are sent to him in advance and thus are 
very easy to deal with.  He had a student who was pregnant last year and 
couldn't write her final on time.  Remembering my days of dealing with a 
newborn, I convinced him to fax her a take-home exam to do at her leisure and 
convenience.  All sorts of things can be worked out, when required!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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