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Re: [IP] cozmo pump

So glad to hear it, and Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Replying to:
> PLEASE, those of you wanting to get a Cozmo and reading these "problem"
> emails, don't be disgruntled...Once we got insurance approval, we had the
> in days from NDP(National Diabetic Pharmacy) They are great to deal with.
> (800-INSULIN)
> The only "problem" we are having is getting the software and it is just a
> thing to have, not a MUST. (we were told they hope to have it in 2 weeks)
> have programmed all the necessary things into Kevin's pump and already it
> proved itself to us. The correction bolusing and Extended bolusing and
> calculating the on board insulin save a LOT of time and frustration. BG's
> already improving! I thought we loved the Htron pump over the last 4
> years...and we did...it was a great first pump for Kevin, but THIS pump is
> unbelievable. I cannot say enough good about it...it is just incredible.
> Try another place to get your pump if you can...Logimedix or NDP...
> Good luck.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin, 15 today!
> dx 12/98
> pumping 5/99
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