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email @ redacted writes:
>[Sitting bolt upright in shock.]  Hello?!  Do you know I've been sort of
>stalling about making up my mind on what pump to get because I wanted to
>know if there were "issues" with the Cozmo before I bought it?  I don't want
>to buy an unreliable pump that I'm stuck with for four years.  THIS was
>precisely the kind of information I was waiting to hear, and NO NEWS was
>good news.
>As of yesterday, I was leaning strongly toward the Cozmo.  A pump that would
>remind me to change my sites and check my blood sugar after eating -- that's
>what I need!!  (And it would even keep track of my unused insulin in my
>system!)  But I want one that is proven reliable, and the Cozmo is just too
>new for that.
>I mainly want the ability to remind myself to check my blood sugars for
>during a pregnancy, and if I do have another child, it will likely be within
>the next couple of years.  (I'm 31 now.)
>But this news is the bad news I didn't want to get.  Now, I personally am
>back to square one in my thinking.  Of the pumps on the market that have a
>track record, the one I like the best is, hands down, the Animas.
>But my 507 still works.  Maybe one of these companies will come out with a
>fancy one that keeps track of all that stuff the cozmo does in another year?
>Do I hang on and wait some more?
>What a difference a day (and a message) makes in deciding what pump to get.

  While these things are probably quite annoying for current cosmo users I'm
sure Deltec will eventually work out the bugs. Even Animas had some issues their
first year but work those things out. For all of us current pump users drooling
over the
endless features I'm sure that a short wait will sweeten them all the more. :)
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