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[IP] Re: college & diabetes

 I think this is definitely the time where your daughter becomes more
responsible for her own
 diabetes care. My parents helped me meet the school nurse (at a small college)
when I first
 moved away from home. Apart from that, I didn't need any special care. My
professors were
 always understanding if I had a diabetes-related problem in class. I think most
teachers are
 compassionate -- if not, a school administrator will help her out. I did not
have an air-
 conditioned room, but a mini-fridge is VERY helpful. I, too, had snacks all
over my room.

Rebecca T. 
25yrs old

>This is for all those college kids and/or parents of college kids out
>there. When you went to college did you work with the school's
>"Disability Office" (or whatever it is called) set up any "minor
>accommodations" - such as are outlined in my daughter's 504 Plan now. 
>Things like - if you go low during a test, you can stop the test and
>complete it later? Eating in the middle of a test? etc. Or did you ask
>for (and get!) any accommodations on housing - like an air conditioned
>dorm? a semi-private refrigerator for the insulin? etc.

>Just wondering what most people do as my daughter will be starting
>college in the fall and she is wondering if anything is really necessary
>at this level.


>Liz B.
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