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[IP] RE: Treating low blood sugars and bagels, etc.

Thanks for the advice on treating lows.  I think he told me to turn it off 
at 90, just for now, since I only started on the pump a week ago.  Just 
until things get stable.  I really have to adjust my thinking, I used to 
think under 80 was low, but I guess not.  Also, when I was on MDI, I would 
drink a Coke to treat my low (39g).  I tried this last weekend and it did 
not go well.

Also, I ate a bowl of Cheerios last week, and my sugar balloned to about 420 
in 3 hours.  I went to a Chinese buffet, estimated 100g, and was fine 2 
hours later, but woke up at 3a.m. with a 440!!!  I haven't even attempted 
pizza or bagels yet!

By the way, so far my Cozmo has been great!  But I've noticed the backlight 
only turns on from the screen saver if you hit that button first.  If you 
hit another button then the backlight it doesn't come on.  Does anybody else 
have the same thing happen?


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