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[IP] Pumping at College

email @ redacted writes:
>This is for all those college kids and/or parents of college kids out
>there.  When you went to college did you work with the school's
>"Disability Office" (or whatever it is called) set up any "minor
>accommodations" - such as are outlined in my daughter's 504 Plan now. 
>Things like - if you go low during a test, you can stop the test and
>complete it later?  Eating in the middle of a test? etc. Or did you ask
>for (and get!) any accommodations on housing - like an air conditioned
>dorm? a semi-private refrigerator for the insulin? etc.
>Just wondering what most people do as my daughter will be starting
>college in the fall and she is wondering if anything is really necessary
>at this level.
>Liz B.

 I don't have any official accommodations for diabetes at school but that has
never been a problem. I definitely recommend buying your own mini fridge for the
dorm room- it's a necessity, you need a place to keep insulin and other foods
for when you
 need to eat and the cafeteria is not open. Friends laugh at how much food a
keep in my room but it makes me feel much more secure having it. As far a food
in tests, I always bring a snack, tabs and my meter to a test, usually no one
says anything
 but if they do I tell them I'm diabetic and have to have it- never been any
resistance. I once got help for the school LD coordinator rescheduled all of my
finals after a very ill fated attempt at switching to ultralente where I passed
out in my
 dorm room during finals week; no one found me and I did not wake up till the
following after noon. NOTE TO PAIRENTS: this is not normal and will not happen
to your child. I had really irresponsible Dr who would not let me switch back to
NPH after
 I told him I was starting with the same bg eating the same food on consecutive
days and going to 40 one day and 400 the next, he insisted that it would be fine
if I took more Ultralente. I knew enough not to take that advise. I tried to get
 parents to help me get some NPH but they kept saying that I would be home in
three days and it would be dangerous to switch back while alone! The LD
coordinator was really nice and rescheduled all of the finals I missed, I took
most of them, though
 I was too out of it do them all. The good thing was this was a big trigger in
getting me to seek out some thing better, a year latter I was about to go on the
pump. Pumping at school makes college soooo much easier. With my pump I am a
much more
 consistent student, get better grades, never miss class, enjoy labs soo much
more, and can even hang out with friends at night.
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