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Re: [IP] Trouble shooting pump-Animas

>Something that most people (at least I didn't) think about, is  that the
 >Animas Pump is built for people with a right hand dominance.

So is my Minimed 508.  Your the first person I've seen mention this and I
finally don't feel alone with my annoyance.  But then again I am a "weird"
left-hander.  I am a copycat learner and thus I do sports right handed.  I
also am quite comfortable using a mouse on the right side of the computer.
However, for the pump I have left-handed tendencies and find it annoying
that when using it I block the screen.  I wear the pump on my left side and
have learned to tip it and use my left-hand from the bottom of the pump so
that I can still read the screen.  But it's not perfect.  Other than
offering the pump in left and right-handed configurations though, I don't
know what design would be ambidextrous.

-- Sherry
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