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[IP] Trouble shooting pump-Animas

email @ redacted writes:
>Something that most people (at least I didn't) think about, is  that the
>Animas Pump is built for people with a right hand dominance.  I am left
>handed, but as in golf and shooting a gun, I have learned to be right handed
>in yet another task.

 I never thought about being left handed as an issue with my pump, but come to
think about it bothers me when I'm bolusing that I have to get my whole left
hand around it and then I can't see the screen very well. I always were my pump
clipped to my
 left side to be more convenient. One good thing about being a left handed
diabetic is that if you wear your medic alert bracelet on your left wrist (which
is recommended by EMTs because that is where they check your pulse) then you can
still put
 your watch on your right hand and they don't have to bump each other on one
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