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[IP] cozmo pump

PLEASE, those of you wanting to get a Cozmo and reading these "problem"
emails, don't be disgruntled...Once we got insurance approval, we had the pump
in days from NDP(National Diabetic Pharmacy) They are great to deal with.

The only "problem" we are having is getting the software and it is just a nice
thing to have, not a MUST. (we were told they hope to have it in 2 weeks) We
have programmed all the necessary things into Kevin's pump and already it has
proved itself to us. The correction bolusing and Extended bolusing and
calculating the on board insulin save a LOT of time and frustration. BG's are
already improving! I thought we loved the Htron pump over the last 4
years...and we did...it was a great first pump for Kevin, but THIS pump is
unbelievable. I cannot say enough good about it...it is just incredible.

Try another place to get your pump if you can...Logimedix or NDP...

Good luck.

Mom to Kevin, 15 today!
dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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