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[IP] Re: Itching like Mad!!!!!!

<HI I have been using a 508 pump for over a year now with Quick Set infusion
set I started off with using IV prep it seemed to work ok until the itching
started a few months later. Mini Med sent me a box of various wipes to try one
really working all that well. My pharmacy suggested a
Skin Barrier wipe called All KAre use by patients with stomas ect this worked
fine for a while but the itching is back any suggestions?>


 I also use the Quicksets and don't use any wipes or preps at all. I always
shower before changing my site, so I'm clean anyway. I quit using the IV preps
because for some strange reason, I feel pain in my site when I use them. It's
weird, because the skin around the site isn't irritated, but there's shooting
pain in the site itself. It's as if something in the IV prep is getting into the
hole, which doesn't make any sense, I know. But I never have this happen when I
don't use them. I don't have any problems with my Quicksets sticking either.
Have you tried plain alcohol wipes? The disinfectant in the IV preps is just
alcohol, but there's also sticky stuff in them to help your site stick better,
which may be causing the irritation. Hopefully it's not the insulin itself.

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