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Re: [IP] What to do with pump in hospital

Dear Sarah and Everyone,
  First of all Sorry for the initial opps message I just sent.  Since going on 
the pump almost 3 years ago.  I have undergone 2 surgeries and numerous other 
procedures where I would be semi sedated and have been hospitalized twice.  At 
no time has my pump been removed for any of these things.   I am actually 
undergoing surgery on April 3 and will tell you now the pump will remain 
 attached. Sometimes you get lucky and end up with a gown with a pocket, if not
I recommend tucking it in your undies or clipping it to the gown or your 
undies.  The best thing to do is to get your endo to write the orders 
concerning the pump.  I have never spoken to the ansthiologist prior to any of 
the surgeries.  Well the one yes, but he was my pain doc.  Actually during the 
procedure with the general anesthia...the anesthiologist and all the recovery 
room nurses watched me take a bolus of insulin. 
       Wendy, Curley Blue, mm508, larry the lancer and moe the meter.
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