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Re: [IP] Treating Low Blood Sugar

I have found that gummy Life Savers work really well for me.  They are
easy to chew and you can almost swallow them without a lot of chewing if
you had to.  They come in bags at drugs stores, but I discovered that
you can buy them in boxes of little packs at Costco.  The little rolls look
almost like a roll of hard Life Savers but are the soft ones.  I think
there might be 10 candies in a roll and there are 3 carbs in each Life
Saver. The box probably has about 25 of these rolls in them.  The rolls
fit nicely in a pocket or a purse.
> I think your best bet would > probably be to find a little snack of some
> sort that has just the right amount of carbs and sugars for you! 

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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