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Re: [IP] Cozmo Issues

> insurance companies. I was told Friday that they would ship it on Monday.
> I find out that they had to delay shipping because of an operational
> with the pump and they are not shipping any pumps until the problem is
> I asked and they said it is not the backup light problem, it is a
> problem, They estimate about 2 weeks. I am just about ready to give up and
> Animas.

[Sitting bolt upright in shock.]  Hello?!  Do you know I've been sort of
stalling about making up my mind on what pump to get because I wanted to
know if there were "issues" with the Cozmo before I bought it?  I don't want
to buy an unreliable pump that I'm stuck with for four years.  THIS was
precisely the kind of information I was waiting to hear, and NO NEWS was
good news.

As of yesterday, I was leaning strongly toward the Cozmo.  A pump that would
remind me to change my sites and check my blood sugar after eating -- that's
what I need!!  (And it would even keep track of my unused insulin in my
system!)  But I want one that is proven reliable, and the Cozmo is just too
new for that.

I mainly want the ability to remind myself to check my blood sugars for
during a pregnancy, and if I do have another child, it will likely be within
the next couple of years.  (I'm 31 now.)

But this news is the bad news I didn't want to get.  Now, I personally am
back to square one in my thinking.  Of the pumps on the market that have a
track record, the one I like the best is, hands down, the Animas.

But my 507 still works.  Maybe one of these companies will come out with a
fancy one that keeps track of all that stuff the cozmo does in another year?
Do I hang on and wait some more?

What a difference a day (and a message) makes in deciding what pump to get.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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