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RE: [IP] Cozmo Software

yes.  I have the EXACT same problem.  I even have e-mailed thier online
question form and ot even an automated response from that.  I think that
this is because they had a pretty firm  deadline of releasing the 98 version
of the prog. in late feb and it hasn't happened yet and they don't want to
admit it.  Personally I am a little sick of being told that there is this
GREAT software link for new devices, buying those things and then finding
out that I have to wait many months for the programs that go with them to
come out.  I feel cheated and lied to and I don't appreicate it.

that being said I hope that when anyone has news on software releases for
the cozmo or the ultrasmart that you will let the list know.  (that goes for
all the reps lurking out there to....you know who you are)


(dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha the Cozmo since 2/24/03)

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Hey. Has anyone else had trouble getting Deltec to return your calls on the
TREATMENT ASSISTANT software? I've left 4 messages over the past week, and
ONE calls me. I want to purchase this software to personalize the pump for
Kevin. We love this Cozmo pump...but I have my doubts about the customer
service at Deltec right now!

Mom to Kevin who is 15 today!
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