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Re: [IP] OneTouch UltraSmart - dissappointed (long)

Seems to me, that most have missed the point.

A product was bought, that records certain things, on top of that it is 
said to connect to Desktop software.

It was discovered afterwards to be incorrect information. Therefore the 
product would not have been bought had the person known ahead of time the 
reason they wanted the product was not developed yet.

Example: My Palm Tungsten had the potential to play MP3's and was 
advertised as such. It took over a month before a 3rd party wrote MP3 
Software for it. Palm still hasn't released the software promised for the 
end of December. I didn't buy my palm because it has the potential to do 
something, I bouhgt it because it was an advertised feature. This person 
has doen the same.

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