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[IP] Cozmo problem

Over the weekend (why is it always a weekend!), I had a Cozmo
malfunction.  I was trying to load a cartridge.  The meter said the
plunger had to come all the way up, please press "ok."  When I pressed
ok, nothing happened.  In fact, the pump froze at that screen and
wouldn't move back, or, or for that matter, move at all.  I called
Customer Support.  A clinician called me right back, within 10 minutes.
She suggested I change the battery, which didn't help.  After a few more
tries, she said, "We'll send you a new one by overnight express on
Monday."  True to her word, it arrived by FedEx yesterday.  I returned
the old one in the packaging provided.

While I'm not nuts about the problem, Deltec certainly handled it
promptly and I feel I got excellent service.

Diane Richards
Mankato, MN
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