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Re: [IP] Lantus pre-pump?

My parents wondered the same thing when I went on the pump.  We found that
is was a whole lot easier to just figure it out if it was ever needed, then
to worry about switching once, then switching again.  Then again, YMMV.
~Lindsay (Lattany's Daughter)

> Hi all,
> We are starting the paperwork for my 4 year old to get the Animas pump.
> are very excited!  She is currently on 1 shot a day of Humulin N and
>  Would it be useful to switch to Lantus and Humalog for the next 6 weeks
> so so we are comfortable with our backup?  Or is it easy enough to figure
> if we need to?  I also want to express my gratitude for this list.  I have
> drive 250 miles for a pediatric endo who is pro-pump but it is worth
> Thanks
> Deirdre mom to Nicole (4) dxd 10/2001
> Kelly (8), Blake (5) and Luke (2)
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