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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #128

This is for all those college kids and/or parents of college kids out
there.  When you went to college did you work with the school's
"Disability Office" (or whatever it is called) set up any "minor
accommodations" - such as are outlined in my daughter's 504 Plan now. 
Things like - if you go low during a test, you can stop the test and
complete it later?  Eating in the middle of a test? etc. Or did you ask
for (and get!) any accommodations on housing - like an air conditioned
dorm? a semi-private refrigerator for the insulin? etc.

Just wondering what most people do as my daughter will be starting
college in the fall and she is wondering if anything is really necessary
at this level.


Liz B.


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