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Re: [IP] Bagel's ?????

>This week I switched and have been eating a bagel w/cream cheese & 
> OJ.  My
> bs are way high 2-3 hours after I eat.
> Example I checked it this morning before I ate and it was 160.  I gave
> myself a correction bolus and also my bolus for breakfast.  I checked 
> it
> about 2 1/2 hours later and it was over 300.
> Does anyone else have this problem??????


Bagels are pretty high in carbs, partilarly if you get bakery-style 
bagels.  Plus, anything other than the pre-packaged bagels (such as 
Lender's, etc.) will have quite a variance in the amount of carbs they 
have.  For example, I have listings for a Blueberry bagel of different 
brands and types, and they range from 42 carbs to 69.

You might need to actually weigh the bagel to compare to the packaging.
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