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Re: [IP] Bagel's ?????

Sarah, you have been attacked by the bagel gremlin, a close relative 
of the pizza gremlin.
   Seriously, the problem is that the effective carbs in a bagel are 
almost double what you think they are or what the nutrition books 
tell you.  No one has come up with a good explanation, but you will 
need to bolus almost double what you think.   It's actually quite 
consistent, but you should slowly sneak up to the the bolus you will 
need.  YMMV

<This week I switched and have been eating a bagel w/cream cheese & OJ.  My
<bs are way high 2-3 hours after I eat.
<Example I checked it this morning before I ate and it was 160.  I gave
<myself a correction bolus and also my bolus for breakfast.  I checked it
<about 2 1/2 hours later and it was over 300.
<Does anyone else have this problem??????
<Sarah Roscoe
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