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Re: [IP] (Not) Sleeping with the pump

I had problems with my pump getting wedged under me while sleeping
and waking me up until recently.  I finally figured out how to use
my "thigh thing" properly and haven't had the pump break loose since.
It rides snugly in it's little pocket on my thigh all night now.

Before, I was clipping my pump (R1000) in its holster to the thigh
thing and it came loose on a regular basis.  I can see the same thing
happening if you're wearing jammies and have it clipped to the waistband.

I'm finding that sleeping with the pump with no extra clips and or holsters
around it makes it much more comfortable to sleep with.   Having a pocket
to slip it into and have it stay there all night it the way to go for me.  

--- Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted> wrote:
> So, has anyone else noticed that the pump is preventing them from 
> getting a good night's sleep?  I'm just not sure what to do about it.  
> I think I might order the Paradigm clip instead of using the holster in 
> hopes that removing the extra bulk will help.
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