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[IP] Re:Depression

I just wrote, relative to a post on someone considering the pump, that
> Give me a few days with blood sugars staying between 70 and 150 (which 
> I am sometimes able to obtain on the pump, but never had on 
> injections), and the world just becomes a better place <gr.>.
It occurs to me to add this to the posts on depression. It is certainly 
not the answer for everybody, and probably not for anybody all the 
time.  But there have been times when I have been able to get out of a 
bout with depression by (maybe somewhat obsessive) attention to my bg 
control until I have been able to have a period without much 
fluctuation.  I guess it would be hard to start this from a depression 
if you didn't have the memory of the "high" that I have had when I 
achieve it, but I offer any who are receptive the goal <gr.>.  I am 
always most successful at starting it when I minimize the variables in 
my day, measuring both food and exercise and keeping to a schedule for 
both.  These things are often hard to do when you have other 
commitments, but if you are too depressed to be functioning well at the 
other commitments anyway, it might be worthwhile to put the diabetes 
control first  for a bit.

And, yes, I am the one who posted a few weeks ago that the goal is to 
control our diabetes to live, not to live to control our diabetes.  But 
sometimes the line is hard to draw <gr.>.  And I think it is possible 
there is another element in there, a feeling of accomplishment, that 
might contribute, so I don't know if it would work as well if you are a 
parent controlling your child's diabetes.  But I don't see how it could 
hurt (well, the improved control, maybe the putting-other-things-second 
could <gr.>).

Linda Z
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