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[IP] (Not) Sleeping with the pump

Okay, so I've been pumping for 8 months now, and loving it.

But the one thing I still haven't fully adapted to is sleeping with the 
pump.  Ever since being on the pump, I just don't seem to be able to 
get a good nights sleep.  The problem is that I am a relatively 
restless sleeper in that I don't stay in one position.  I'm on my back, 
my left side, my right side, and occasionally my stomach.

But it seems that every time I move while sleeping, the pump gets in my 
way, forcing me to wake up enough to reposition it.  Typically, I clip 
it to the very front of my pajamas, which works fine, until I roll to 
my stomach or close to it.

The "reposition" game happens several times throughout the night.  I've 
been so exausted lately...and I was originally thinking it was due to 
this cold (which has now been with me for 8 1/2 weeks)...but then I was 
remembering that even before I was sick, I was feeling abnormally tired 
all the time.  As I think back, my tiredness starts back at when I 
started my pump.

So, has anyone else noticed that the pump is preventing them from 
getting a good night's sleep?  I'm just not sure what to do about it.  
I think I might order the Paradigm clip instead of using the holster in 
hopes that removing the extra bulk will help.

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