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Re: [IP] Airports

> > was attached to me and didn't have a prescription on it and that none of
> my
> > pump supplies did either since I get them from Medtronics.
> >
> > They then told me that I needed a letter from my doctor listing my name
> and
> > all the supplies I would be taking with me and why they were necessary and
> > that would suffice.
> >

Actually, when you get right down to it, the airlines have little to 
do with it. The security people employed by the feds are the one's 
that do the screening and passenger checking. A call to them would 
produce more accurate information. While I believe the exact 
restrictions say you  are supposed to have prescriptions, etc... in 
practice the security folks know what pumps and diabetes supplies 
look like and don't hassle people that are carrying them.

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