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 > <I have this theory about insulin absorption and temperature. I think if your
> body becomes very warm and the blood vessels near the skin dilate increasing
> blood flow in the area near the cannula the insulin in the tissue could be
 > absorbed more rapidly. I had this idea after several mysterious lows during
 > after very hot baths and a time a wrapped myself in an electric blanket on
> (no my pump was not in the blanket with me).................................
> This is just my theory. Does it make sense to any one?>

This is fact, not theory. A hot shower will do the same thing if you 
take one right after a meal. For that matter, almost anything that 
increases peripheral circulation will have a similar effect. i.e. 
exercising while wearing sweats, etc.... assuming the skin was cool 
or cold to begin with as it normally is.

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