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[IP] Cozmo Issues

 OK, So I am getting REALLY frustrated with Deltec right now. I have been trying
to get my daughter a Cozmo for quite awhile, we have it approved now by both
insurance companies. I was told Friday that they would ship it on Monday. Today
I find out that they had to delay shipping because of an operational problem
with the pump and they are not shipping any pumps until the problem is resolved.
I asked and they said it is not the backup light problem, it is a mechanical
problem, They estimate about 2 weeks. I am just about ready to give up and call
Animas. I first contacted a Deltec rep on September 30th.

 I was really wanting to get the pump before spring break as this is our first
pump and it would have been nice for her to not have to go to school while we
figure this out. John, we can really sympathize with you!!

Amy mom to Brianna 13, dx'd 4-02

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