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[IP] Way off topic!

> Good luck and health,
> Eileen Herman
> Diag 1976, age 9, now age 35
> Professional Model, Web-Supermodel, Mrs. Huntington Beach, Master Scuba
> Diver,
> 1st Degree Black Belt and getting my Pilots license too.
Hi Eileen,

I'd want to be a fan!  You are doing all the stuff that I wanted to do
(except be a supermodel - Gail!)

I had my first heart attack during my first karate lesson.  I grew up in
Florida and never got scuba certified.  Now, my cardiologist says no to both
of those endeavors.  My brother got his multi-engine commercial license.  I
just won't bring it up with my cardiologist at the point.

I admire your tenacity.  Do you have a web page by any chance?

I just happened to think, I may not be as off topic as I thought I would be.
All my heart problems are a result of my diabetes.  I guess that's one thing
about diabetes, where ever you go, it's there.

Thanks for being an example to others!

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