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Re: [IP] Re:Trouble shooting pump- Animas

 Any comments by other Animas users
> would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Denise,

I have had two battery changes since 12/30 and you are right. Opening the
door is not intuitive and the black ribbon is not ideal.

I do swim about every day.  But, I disconnect for swimming.  I do this for
two reasons. 1.)  Everyone talks about "carbing" before exercise.  I just
take the pump off, exercise and still see a drop in my BGs.  2.) As I've
said, I have changed my batteries twice now.  I'm afraid if I have screwed
up closing the door just right I could go into the pool and drowned my
$5,000 pump.

I also disconnect for showers -- not so much for the water, but it is a
hassle to either put it on a belt or to put it in a soap dish and drop it a

Something that most people (at least I didn't) think about, is  that the
Animas Pump is built for people with a right hand dominance.  I am left
handed, but as in golf and shooting a gun, I have learned to be right handed
in yet another task.

I am pretty darned happy with my pump.  The cartridge change as you mention
is easy.  I am severely insulin resistant so the large capacity is very
important to me.  Right now, I can go two days before I get a low cartridge

Also, I have a good pump trainer who still works with me after my break in
period.  (Are you reading this Tonya?)

Happy Pumping!

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