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[IP] too those that find being tethered a problem. (a little encourage ment)

i do understand your feelings. i AM tethered to this strange machine too. 
everyone has the right, to their own feelings, and, 
none of those feelings, should in anyway be considered silly, or stupid.

BUT (ah oh.... here he goes)

What about looking at all the ADvantages to warring the pump.
(you know that old song "always look on the bright"..... anyway)
Maybe i am a bit overly optimistic, but, i look at what the pump has given

i come from the old days, of mdi, lente, nph, and regular insulin.
who even knows, what my blood sugars were (we had no blood sugars, when i
i had a short experience with the lantus novo/huma log program. it was
a vast improvement, compared to the days of chasing this mornings insulin,
by 12:00.


I eat what i want (for the most part)
I eat when i want
i dont eat, when i dont want to..
I dont shoot, 3 to 5 times a day
if im a little high, a correction is just a few button presses away
i have one little needle, stuck in me, for all of about 3 seconds, every few
(you know, i think, after over 34000 shots, im now a little scared of shots)

sound almost like a normal person (though, ill never be accused of that)

I could write for hours, about the lifestyle, and i hope, health
that the pump has provided.... i DO feel a little stupid, for waiting so
darn long
though, i do read a lot of profiles, like 
"im a diabetic for the past 25 years, and have been on the pump, for the
past 3 months"
sort of makes me feel, that im not all that alone.
(and this site, make me realize that, even more)

im not saying that you should look at the "full part of the glass",
maybe just suggesting, that you give it a try

if you feel i rambled too much ........ tuff (i know... dont tell me)

len phila pa dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (life has always been great, now, its
just a little better)
Lately It Occurs To Me, What A Long Strange Trip Its Been (R. Hunter)
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