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[IP] Re: Treating Low Blood Sugar

Just curious, how do most people treat lows?  My doctor told me when I go 
below 90, turn off the pump until I come back up to 110.  If I need to eat 
about 15-20g of fast acting carbs.  Sometimes, if I catch right after it 
goes below 90, depending on time of day, it can take 1.5 or 2 hours to come 
back up to 110.  However, I thought I read somewhere that you shouldn't turn 
off the pump when you're low, because it really won't help you due to the 
lag time it takes insulin to work, and even if you turn it off you've still 
got insulin in your system that will be working for the next 1-2 hours.  
Then after that you'll spike because of the insulin you missed from having 
the pump off for 1-2 hours.


 If I am in the 70's, I treat with Dex-Tabs. They work very fast and because
they are 4 grams of carbs each, I can eat only what I need to. One gram of
carbohydrate will raise my blood sugar between 7-8 points, so one Dex Tab will
raise me about 30 points. If I eat 15-20 grams of carbs as was recommended by my
pump trainer, I will be way too high afterward. The only time I eat that many
carbs to treat a low is if I'm in the 50's or so and dropping rapidly from
overcorrecting or overshooting my insulin. This rarely happens though since
going on the pump and fine-tuning my insulin to carb ratio. If I'm in the 80's
and starting to feel symptoms because I haven't eaten in several hours, I eat a
Hershey's mini candy bar (5 carbs).

 As for turning your pump off, you are correct that there is a lag time and it
won't usually bring you up in a timely manner if you are low. If you are truly
low, you want to treat it with carbs and come up as soon as possible to stop the
hormones that will be released causing your liver to dump sugar that will spike
your bg later. On occasion, however, I have, turned my pump down to 0.1
units/per hour when I'm hovering in the 80's and know that I will drop if I
don't eat, but don't want to yet. If I turn it off or down to 0.0, I've noticed
that I get air in my line.

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