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 <I have this theory about insulin absorption and temperature. I think if your
body becomes very warm and the blood vessels near the skin dilate increasing
blood flow in the area near the cannula the insulin in the tissue could be
absorbed more rapidly. I had this idea after several mysterious lows during or
after very hot baths and a time a wrapped myself in an electric blanket on high
(no my pump was not in the blanket with me).................................
This is just my theory. Does it make sense to any one?>


 Yes, it makes perfect sense and is even mentioned in a few books. Page 46-47 of
"Beating the Blood Sugar Blues" talks about how local heat, warm air or
immersion in water and environmental temperature affect insulin absorption. Page
20 of "Understanding Insulin-Dependent Diabetes" also confirms your theory and
experience: "The reason for low blood sugars from taking a shot just before a
hot shower or bath (or a hot tub) is that the blood vessels in the skin dilate
from the hot water and cause insulin to be rapidly absorbed."

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