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[IP] Re:Trouble shooting pump- Animas

Well, an Animas CDE came over last night to see if he could help me solve
some of my pump problems.  I have come to the conclusion that excellent as
the Animas R1000 may be, it is not user friendly for people with
First, the pump is all black. so the demarcation line at the battery door is
hard to see, hence harder to open. A fine white line would improve the
visual aspect enormously. Then the black tape on which the batteries must
lie is another visual nuisance..  The orange tape now used on the IR 1000
does facilitate placement of the batteries and I was able to do so on that
pump..  The O ring is hard to replace and because I have lost much depth
perception, I needed to have the CDE confirm that it was placed properly.  I
originally got the Animas a year ago so I could go swimming   Haven't done
so yet.  I don't trust my husband to check the O ring because he too has
lost some depth perception and has some color blindness- no, he's not
diabetic- we're just getting old together.<grin>

Under optimal lighting, I can see the screen quite well. In a restaurant,
even with the backlight on, it's more difficult and since I do sequential
boluses unless all the food is in front of me from the start of the meal ,
it's a nuisance to keep checking the history menu which is not conveniently
located.  The CDE suggested that I could disable the extended bolus to
eliminate one button push. I might try that.

On the positive side, the cartridge is easy to load and priming is faster by
turning the pump upside down as suggested by previous posters as well as the
CDE. I also have had no occlusion alarms which speaks well of the overall
delivery of my insulin.

Right now I am on Vioxx and Valium for severe spasms in my upper back which
along with a bg of 550 took me to the ER last Sunday. A side effect of the
Vioxx was to improve the functionning of the fingers of my left hand which
made it possible for me to manipulate my pump a bit more easily in front of
the CDE last night.  I will soon be off the Vioxx since it is especially bad
for diabetic kidneys, so
I can expect my fingers to stifffen up again.  If so I may have to consider
another pump altogether.  We`ll see.  Any comments by other Animas users
would be greatly appreciated.

Denise Guerin
Type 1 48 years
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