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[IP] RE: Long hospital stay

Gail writes:
>I'm looking for some help with signs to lookfor when the enzymes aren't 
being produced by the pancreas. <

Congratulations on getting a couple problems resolved, but sorry to hear it 
involved a long stay in the hospital. Interesting that you has a condition 
sometimes seen in newborns. 

Your medical team should be able to answer this question for you. Are you 
taking enzyme replacements to help with food digestion, or do they expect the 
remaining portion f the pancreas to take over that function?  You might 
expect to have delayed gastric emptying and incomplete food digestion and 
absorption with this surgery. This can lead to bloating sensations, nausea, 
and diarrhea.  Were you given any diet precautions? 

Best wishes, for a continued recovery from the surgery.

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