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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #126

>              Hi, Summer, With my Paradigm, when I change the batteries and
> res. I wipe it out with an alcohol swab and look for any hair-line cracks.
> hope this helps.....Bill in Az.....

This may not apply, as the Paradigm is a lot different from previous MM
pumps, but I would caution you to contact MM and see what they say before
trying something like this.

Years and years ago, when changing the batteries, we were advised to clean
out the area for the reservoir with alcohol.  Then, a few years later, there
was a special warning sent out, telling us NOT to use alcohol in there.  We
were simply to clean it with a Q-tip and the lead screw was to be cleaned
with the brush that came with the battery sets.

Mine got really dusty and dirty in there (my suspicion has always been that
some breastmilk leaked there when my son was born years ago), and I
contacted them to ask how I could clean it.  I was advised to use the canned
air stuff.  That never really did the job, but I didn't use anything else
because I wasn't supposed to.  (Or maybe I did, everywhere but around the
lead screw -- but don't tell anyone, okay? ;-)

Anyway, I would urge you to check with them to make sure that alcohol is
acceptable to clean it with.  It may not be.  I guess the alcohol actually
did some damage to the lead screw over time.

Your user's manual may possibly tell you how to clean it, as well.

Anyway, it may not apply, but I was reminded of this when I read the alcohol

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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