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[IP] Trouble shooting pump- Animas

email @ redacted writes:
>> Having to keep the prime button held down for so long is one of my 
>> developing
>> pet peeves too.   One way to get the pump to prime faster is to flip 
>> it upside
>> down so the tubing is hanging down and tap the top of the pump pretty
>> firmly 5-10 times.  This forces the pump motor to engage the reservoir 
>> a bit
>> sooner than it normally would if you let it do all the work itself.
>Brent, have you found any bubbles when you do it this way?  I've been 
>tapping it, then turning it over  (because I've been under the 
>impression that bubbles are less likely with the tubing up)-- but it 
>takes quite a while.
>Linda Z

 Brent is talking about "taping down the drive screw" the Animas CDE taught me
to do this before I prime. Priming goes faster that way but you are supposed to
keep the pump below or level with the tubeing while priming.
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