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[IP] Cold weather and sight problems

email @ redacted writes:
>I believe that because of the cold temperature that my back side
>dropped down to prevented the flow of insulin as needed. Now the big
>question I had was did the sight freeze and prevent flow in other words did
>the cannula freeze and was blocked. If so why didn't I get a occlusion
>alarm? Or did the meat in my back side freeze preventing absorption? If the
>latter was the case then why didn't I bottom out once I unthawed. Any

  I have this theory about insulin absorption and temperature. I think if your
body becomes very warm and the blood vessels near the skin dilate increasing
blood flow in the area near the cannula the insulin in the tissue could be
absorbed more
 rapidly. I had this idea after several mysterious lows during or after very hot
baths and a time a wrapped myself in an electric blanket on high (no my pump was
not in the blanket with me). I suppose this same idea could work in reverse when
 are cold. The body would withdraw blood flow to the skin and so the insulin
there would not be absorbed as fast. This is sort of like how Drs say not to
give your shot in your leg before running ect. to avoid a low. This is just my
theory. Does
it make sense to any one?
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