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[IP] Forwarded Message From MiniMed


This message was posted in the Anytime room from an MM rep (Deb Ruppert) who 
is frequently our MM guest in the chats.  Just thought I'd paste it here so 
everyone can see it.... W.J.

Hi everyone, I've been reading alot of the emails regarding recieving 
information from Medtronic MiniMed. If you are a Medtronic MiniMed customer 
and have not received any communications, including our recent Paradigm 
newsletters or the recent mailing regarding customer service, feel free to 
go to our web site (www.minimed.com) to be added to our mailing list. Please 
click the following link
www.minimed.com/patientfam/pf_contactus.shtml. Once you have accepted the 
legal terms, select next. On the next page select "other", under the inquiry 
topic and provide us with your name, address, phone and email address. We'll 
make sure you're included in any future mailings we have.
Please note that some insurance companies prohibit us from send materials to 
our customers as they prefer to send the information directly to their 

Hope this is helpful -- Deborah

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